What Is Keylogging?

What Is Keylogging?

What Is Keylogging? Software That Gives You the Power to Know What Every Keystroke Is Doing

What Is Keystroke Logging? Keylogging is a term referring to the recording of keystrokes struck on computer keyboards. Keylogging has become more common with the increased use of computers and the prevalence of spyware. A computer keystroke log is an automated recording of keystrokes striking on a computer keyboard.

What Is Keylogging? Keylogging is a growing area of controversy due to the fact that the majority of keystroke loggers are spyware.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is software that installed on your computer without your knowledge and is used to gather information about you. Keylogging is the simultaneous recording and playback of key strokes struck on the keyboard – thus capturing every keystroke! The purpose of Keystroke loggers is to capture every keystroke made by the user of the system.

There are two basic options for operating keystroke logging software. The first option is “built in” to the operating system and runs in the background. The second option is an external keystroke logger – which requires installation from the internet. Usually, we are using external keystroke loggers to connect to a private network and are accessible through the internet. External keystroke loggers are useful for monitoring an employee’s computer usage activity and we can configure to record all actions taken, including hidden items and activities not listed by the system administrator. However, both options have serious drawbacks:

What Is Keylogging?

Keylogging has become a controversial topic, as many view it as an invasion of privacy. However, it does not compromise the privacy of data captured by a keystroke logger. Keylogging is just a recording of key strokes rather than the content of the keyboard itself. The software captures, and stores the keystrokes rather than the data such as typing text or other programs. Employers can Keylogging to monitor the use of a computer and employees’ access to the Internet computer usage.

What Are Some Common Ways that Keylogging will infect you? The most common ways are computer with viruses and spyware. If your computer gets infected with a keylogger virus, it will collect keystroke information whenever you enter the computer’s keypad. Hacker can install Spyware on your computer without your consent. It spies on the types of websites that you visit and sends this information back to the owners of the spyware. Keylogging software can capture the same data but is more discreet because it does not display any annoying pop-ups or other unwanted alerts.

Hardware Keylogger

In addition to Keylogging Software, there are also hardware keyloggers that can be installed in your computer. People can connect hardware keylogger with your keyboard or the USB port. These keyloggers can capture the data from any computer that this hardware device connect to. Computer keyloggers record the keys pressed and the locations where you stroke your keys. These logs can contain anything from web sites visited to usernames and passwords.

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