How to Drive Traffic to Amazon Affiliate Programs

How to Drive Traffic to Amazon Affiliate Programs?

If you are interested in making money online without putting too much effort into it, then Amazon Affiliate Marketing is the best thing that has happened to internet marketers since the dot com boom. Online marketers have been benefiting from Amazon’s system of reward and compensation since its inception. It started out as a simple reward for referring sales, but the system has evolved since then. Basically, every time a customer in your Amazon affiliation program makes a purchase from the site, you will earn your money.

How to Drive Traffic to Amazon Affiliate Programs

The Amazon Affiliate Program (Amazon Associates) allows individuals to make money through affiliate marketing by referring sales to Amazon. When you join, Amazon provides you with a unique identification number that looks something like this: yourname-20. You can paste this onto any Amazon product link to create an affiliate link to the merchant’s site. When a person clicks on the link and purchases the product, you get a commission from the merchant. Amazon does all of the work for you in terms of collecting payments. You don’t have to deal with product creation, customer service, or shipping. You would do the same work as if you were creating your own product.

Amazon also has several different affiliate programs. Currently, two of the most popular ones are the Partner Program and the Resale Program. In the Partner Program, you are given a special tracking URL, which identifies only you, the affiliate, and Amazon. So, you are only credited for sales that come from your unique referral links, not from the actual Amazon website. With this program, you get commissions based on clicks, not visits.

In the Resale Program, you get commissions on sales that you generate from products that come directly from Amazon, as well as those that come from partner companies and social media traffic. The key to earning commissions through these programs is generating as much traffic to your website as possible. That means you should always be looking for new ways to get people to your website. For example, you can expose your product pages to millions of new prospective buyers by joining Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Some marketers refer to this as “word of mouth”. It brings up an important point: never underestimate the power of social media.

You may also choose to join more than one Amazon Affiliate Marketing program. This strategy also enables you to earn commissions for sales that come from different product categories. For example, if you are promoting books, you may sign up for an Amazon affiliate program for eBooks, children’s books, or Christian books. You could even sign up for an affiliate program for different sub-categories within these main niche markets.

Even though it seems more difficult to earn commissions on every product niche that you enter, it is actually easier to make this type of commission. The reason is that there are basically two types of buyers out there shopping on Amazon. They are searching for a particular item and not necessarily interested in a particular niche. They will be happy to pay a modest commission for the item, regardless of its quality, because they are looking for a bargain. Then there are buyers who already have an interest in a particular niche. However, they want to buy other things in that niche by likely click on the links from your Affiliate Marketing to make their purchase.

To make money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing, you must focus on building up an interest in a specific niche. If you don’t, chances are that you will not build up a strong enough audience to make money from it. It is not easy to convince someone to purchase a product that does not appeal to them at all. It will take time and effort on your part to build up a niche. Building up a niche is not an easy task. It takes a lot of research to find something in a niche that is worth promoting.

You can do this by writing articles on your blog about this niche, and then linking these articles back to Amazon and to your affiliate programs. You may also choose to write a guest post for someone in a blog post that is about the same niche. Once you have written several articles that provide useful information to readers, you will have built a network of people who can help drive traffic to your affiliate programs, and you will make more money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing than you ever thought possible.

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