How Salepeople Can Overcome Buyers’ Expectations?

How Salepeople Can Overcome Buyers' Expectations?

How Salepeople Can Overcome Buyers’ Expectations?

How do you overcome the sales objections and still make a sale? You must be able to change the way people look at your service or products. It’s not enough to talk about the benefits of your service. You have to go one step further and change the way they think about it. This is where salespeople’s ability to surpass buyers’ expectation can make the difference between success and failure.

It all begins with how you talk to the customer. Most salespeople will start a conversation with words like “right now”, “in the next five minutes” or “immediate”. These words create the expectation that the sale is immediate. However, by using these ‘quick words’ the salesperson sets the expectations for the sale to come later. Mostly, maybe in five minutes or an hour from now.

Salespeople also often do is use a variety of adverbs like “fast”, “very”, “quickly”, etc. to create the sense of urgency. These types of adverbs can cause people to hold up their hands and say “right now” when the salesperson is speaking. In turn, customers will expect the same type of results, which leads to no incentive to purchase.

You can change how your customers see you by talking about what you are doing and what you expect them to do. Instead of saying “In order to sell this policy to X customers, Y needs to respond Y ways”. You can say “In order for us to sell this policy to X customers, we need to respond Y ways”. This communicates the urgency of the situation to the customer. If they respond the way you want them to, you are more likely to get their business. This is another reason why salespeople should use examples. It helps the client to remember what we are expecting them to do, and how we are expecting their response.

When a salesperson demonstrates a way to accommodate or meet the customers’ expectations, they have increased the level of perceived urgency. The perception of urgency makes it easier for people to make purchases. If your customers feel like their needs aren’t met, they are less likely to buy from you. It is because of the perceived urgency. In addition, salespeople who know how salespeople can overcome buyers’ expectations can help you establish more realistic expectations.

One way to do this is to explain to the clients what the typical response would be if their expectations were not met. For example, instead of saying “The typical response when we ask customers to bring two items, Z and ZL,”. And the salespeople could say, “Generally, Z would be a lot smaller than either Z or L.”. By showing the customers’ anticipated reaction in a non-threatening manner, you show them that you recognize that they are asking for too much from you.

How salespeople can overcome buyers’ expectations is also demonstrated when you offer to split the cost of two items. If the buyer requested the two items to be in sets, offer them but in the set price. If they request the two items separately, propose to give them the set price. Although there is no physical difference between the sets, the clients may perceive a difference in price. It is because when the sets are presented side-by-side. By making the request of the products individually, they will be able to see how much they will be getting, and they will be more willing to buy from you. In addition, this tactic also plays into the “feel good” factor, since you are willing to break the rules to provide the customer with more value.

How salespeople can overcome buyers’ expectations is also demonstrated when you create an atmosphere where customers feel at ease. For instance, if you have a very high turn-over rate, sales people should present themselves as being friendly and helpful. By walking up to customers with their greetings and smiles, and letting them feel like they are welcome when entering your store, your customers will be more open to buying from you. Likewise, if you have a great employee-to-customer ratio, this will work in your favor. Having your employees enthusiastic about working for you will make them want to work harder, so that they can increase their profitability.

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