7 Effective Ways to Beat Your Competition at the Hair Cut

5 Effective Ways to Beat Your Competition at the Hair CutAs a professional hair stylist you must always be on your toes and look for new and innovative ways to beat your competition and become a successful hairstylist in today’s hair styling world. You have to stay abreast of the latest trends and styles. You need to be able to anticipate what your clients want when it comes to hairstyles. You must be able to meet those needs and more than that, you must show your clientele that you are the expert at what they want .


1. Being a proactive stylist

The first of your five effective ways to beat your competition is by being a proactive stylist. A stylist who stays in touch with their client base, keeps them updated about what’s going on in their hair and stylist industry is a formidable stylist. You must always give yourself the chance to introduce new styles and trends to your clientele. If you don’t keep in contact with your client base, you will lose some of their trust. The way to win back their trust is by staying in contact with them.

2. Show your clientele your range

Don’t be afraid to show your clientele your range. It is OK to show your clients that you can do other hair types like Brazilian, European, and even African American hair. Do a little research on different kinds of hair that your client might be interested in. Once you get a feel for their hair texture and what kind of hair care they are going to need, you can then build an arsenal of tools to use on their hair. Having a full line of products will allow you to cater to a client’s hair type and budget. You will be giving them options to choose from, instead of only being limited to one.

3. Keep it simple

Even if you know more than one style, it is better to limit your client to only two or three. There is nothing more frustrating than a stylist that is trying to educate a client on three different steps to achieve the style she requested. You don’t want to have to spend more time on something they don’t really care about. Make your salon’s job easy and basic by only offering the most basic services to your clients.

4. Always have samples on hand

It is OK for a stylist to bring in a client for an appointment; however, having samples on hand will allow clients to have an idea of how their hair looks like before even getting the appointment. Your stylist should make it a point to have a couple of samples on hand at all times.

5. Be flexible

It is easy to get excited about cutting someone’s hair; however, this excitement could actually be detrimental to the success of a salon. Always consider the type of hair that a client will have before cutting it. This will give the stylist a better idea on what type of cut they need to do in order to get the best look. Don’t get caught up in the moment and think that a client needs to have their hair cut as fast as possible.

6. Be honest

If you feel that you are being unfair to some of your competitors simply because they have been doing business longer than you have, then it might be time to let go of that notion. In other words, don’t base your decisions on a comparison of how long others have been in business rather than how long you have been in business yourself. This is going to lead to poor cut rates and possibly less business overall.

7. Keep your customers happy

Consider adding in other aspects to keep your customers happy. For example, many salons offer packages for their customers in order to make hair cuts fun and exciting. Adding in videos to show your stylist while they are cutting hair can help to keep clients excited while they are waiting for their appointment. Finally, don’t forget to reward your loyal customers with discounts and other special gifts. By keeping them happy, you are increasing the likelihood that they will return to you in the future and will enjoy getting their hair cut by you.

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